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View Record  1313 August 1949 Ritzville
View Record  1252 Bert Maynard 1st from right. Sr. Picnic 1967 or 1968 in Ritzville park
View Record  986 Boys basketball team
View Record  03-985 Earl Calwell. Ritzville 1907
View Record  03-579 Earle Barroettz (Pullman. Class of 1905. RHS.)
View Record  03-557 Edna French (Reedy) Class of 1905 RHS
View Record  03-558 Ethel Walker Class of 1905 RHS
View Record  03-939 Flying farmers 1966, Ritzville
View Record  03-804 Fred Blauert taking a nap after hard day of working at the Wheat Land Community fairground
View Record  1050 Giving blood @ Bank Ritzville - Ray H. Kisler 1967
View Record  03-755 Joe Blankenship, Fire Chief, Ritzville 1969 (training class)
View Record  1283 Mary & Bob Waldron and children, Bobby & Kathleen. Dorothy Jackson, Grandma, Kathy & Carl. August 1949. Ritzville, WA
View Record  03-739 Mr & Mrs Richard B. Ott Farewell banquet invite June 28, 1936
View Record  1277 Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Wilson Omak, Mildred Womack Ritzville, Mrs. & Mr. Lowell Eden Lind, Adams county historical society dinner. Ritzville, WA October 20, 1963
View Record  03-530 Mr. & Mrs. John Koch. Parents of Mrs. Will Danekas. Ritzville, Wa. About 1894
View Record  1310 Mrs. Earl Bakes Pres. Ritzville W.C., Mrs. Frank Schafer V.P. N.E. Dist., Mrs. Ogden Ericksen Pres. NE Dist., Mrs. George Freese Home. Life chairman NE Dist. April 25, 1967. Ritzville W.C. spring tea for Sr. High Class of girls
View Record  1304 Mrs. W. Danekas, Mrs F. Shwison, Mrs. Geo Freese, Mrs. Art Teske, Mrs. Carpenter. Ritzville W.C. Day of hat winners. February 13, 1962
View Record  03-987 Oestreich crew by Ben Oestreich - Riztville, Wa
View Record  03-992 Picture of band. Taken Ritzville city park 1922
View Record  1258 Planting trees on way up to Ritzville Cemetary ( L-R) Bill Rosenoff, Dave Hoefel, Albert Wolsbarn, Milton Dewald
View Record  1312 Pres. Ritzville club - Mrs. Irma Baker, VP Mrs. Fred Jingling, NE Dist Pres of W.C. Mrs. Ogden Erecksen of St John, NE Dist chc of home life Mrs. George Freese
View Record  1238 Ray Rummer, Dave Hoefel, Lee Burrogh. Ritz 68
View Record  03-1271 Ritzville Cemetery. About 1904. Mr. & Mrs. Mitcham. Ethel Mitcham in baby bugy. Mabel next to her & Clarence next. Other not known.
View Record  1052 Ritzville Church of the Nazarine remodel
View Record  1039 Ritzville High School Class reunion
View Record  03-745 Ritzville Woman's Club Harvest Jubilee
View Record  03-972 Ritzville Woman's Club Sr. High School Tea 4/25/1967
View Record  1292 Ritzville Womans Club Senior High School Tea. April 25, 1967
View Record  1273 Sun Rise Services (Ritzville, Wa)
View Record  03-561 Thomas Adams Class of 1908
View Record  1279 Welcome to Ritzville sign
Records: 1 to 31 of 31